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DevBlog #006

OPERATION: OMEGA - DevBlog Camera Tracking - DevBlog #006 Today we tried a new approach to recording camera movements. Using the app Retargeter from CG Tinker, we were able to record the movements with a smartphone and import them into Blender 3D.  Then we exported this animation and pasted it...
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DevBlog #005

OPERATION: OMEGA - DevBlog Operation: OMEGA - DevBlog #005 We are currently working on the mission system, which will later be used for other projects. In the meantime, the wayfinding, spawning and fighting of enemies is already working. In the upper left corner, the mission task for the player is...
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We are a small growing German team and are currently working on the game „Operation: OMEGA“ with more supporters around the world. With

Since 2016, we have been planning the so-called Trandoria Saga and have been working with the Unreal Engine since then. In 2019 we released our first game „The Creature“, which was intended as a test project to gather bugs and experience, which is now used for our current project.


The Trandoria Saga is an idea from 2016, at that time intended as a single open-world, now a series of different games. We want to tell the story of the conflict between Trandorians and humans. This story grows and grows which is why we decided to divide it into many smaller action-adventures and other genres, but which are all independently playable.

The Creature will get a story mode in a later remake, but also the other modes will be rebuilt on this foundation. Before that, the real entry into the saga is planned with Operation: OMEGA.