About us

We are TYLOBIX, a starting indie game studio from Germany. After years of practice, preparation and concepts we are now on our way to develop our first video game. With Operation: OMEGA we want to show that by learning on your own and having enough experience you can also develop bigger games by yourself. In the meantime we have grown to three main members and further supporters, who all spend time on the project. Actually we are very confident about our project and we are sure that this will not be our last one.


The History of TYLOBIX

In 2012, it all started with small 3D animations in a child’s room. Fascinated by the possibilities, the idea arose to create whole animated films, which proved to be difficult with the limited knowledge.

A year later, this desire has not completely disappeared, however, there was the outdated Blender Game Engine, with which you could create small, simple games with the simplest means within the 3D software. Quite cocky, like many beginners, you directly take a very familiar project and want to create a „better“ copy.

Later, of course, it turned out that this is not possible for the beginning and you can not develop huge game worlds alone and without experience.

A few years later, after a lot of practice and patience, Unreal Engine 4 became free and thousands of beginners and indie studios jumped on it. Overwhelmed by all the new possibilities there were, people then found their way into the program and quickly learned more and more.

In an internship, you learned many new functions, but that was still not enough. In 2017, however, an idea for the future was born. A short time later, we conducted a test to see how well mobile games work, but we discontinued it relatively quickly because that was not the goal.

And then it happened: The Creature. Our first test project, which we actually published. A lot of things went wrong, a lot of things were not good and there were thousands of bugs, but we were able to learn so much that we wouldn’t have learned without a real project. However, this project will be revisited in the future and completely reworked, as this becomes important for our idea from 2017.

Again, a few years have passed, in fact with a very long break, until we started work on Operation: OMEGA. Over time, we added more people who are now a permanent part of the team.
After further testing phases and concepts, the idea solidified in mid-2022 and the developments have been unstoppable ever since.

You can find all the news on this page in our blog, or on Instagram, Twitter, Discord and YouTube.